Round 3, 1960

Saturday 16 April

West Melbourne Sicilia (Craig Smart 63) vs South Melbourne Hellas - match awarded to Hellas in a walkover.[1]

Venue: Royal Park, Parkville

Attendance: ???

Referee: R. Randall

Lineups and coach Edit

West Melbourne Sicilia: included D'Agostino

South Melbourne: ???

Milestones Edit

This is the first forfeit or walkover match that South Melbourne Hellas was involved in.

Summary Edit

Twenty five minutes into this match, West Melbourne Sicilia were leading 1-0 when Sicilia's D'Agostino refused to leave the field after being sent off for allegedly kicking an opponent. The match was abandoned, and because Sicilia were adjudged to be the cause of the abandonment - Sicilia's captain had backed D'Agostino in his refusal to leave the field - the points were awarded to South Melbourne.[2]

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