Round 26, 2008

Sunday, 24 August

Frankston Pines 1 (Craig Smart 63) def. by South Melbourne 3 (Fernando De Moraes, 69, 81, Gianni De Nittis 89)[1]

Venue: Monterey Reserve, Frankston North.

Attendance: ???

Referee: Senko Rastocic

Lineups Edit

Frankston Pines: Peter Zois, Phil Hawkins, Danny Black, Sebastian Booysen, Andy Skledar, Craig Smart, James Reichnein (Murray Savery 89), Adam Fadljevic, Simon Mur, Tom Saad (Danny Miller 58), Craig Metcalfe. Coach: Doug Hodgson.

South Melbourne: Stefaan Sardelic, Shane Nunes, Adam Van Dommele, Steven O'Dor, Scott MacNicol, Sebastian Petrovic (Hamlet Armenian 78), Gianni De Nittis, Fernando De Moraes, Adem Tavsancioglu (Robert Wynne 46), Nathan Caldwell (Goran Zoric 46), Sam Poutakidis. Coach: Michael Michalakopoulos.

Milestones Edit

Debuts: Stefaan Sardelic

Final game: Hamlet Armenian, Nathan Caldwell, Adem Tavsancioglu, Adam Van Dommele

Summary Edit

As with the round 13 meeting between these two sides at Lakeside earlier in the season, South had to come from behind to win this match. Following the retirement of Dean Anastasiadis the week before, Stefaan Sardelic made his South debut in what was a fairly meaningless late season game: South couldn't make the finals, and Pines were already doomed to relegation. The scrappy nature of the contest befitted the circumstances both clubs found themselves in, with the first half producing little of note. The second half was at least more interesting. Pines went ahead via a Craig Smart volley, but this only served to wake South up,with De Moraes equalising just minutes later. Another goal to De Moraes, as well as one to De Nittis, saw South take all three points. The end of the game was marred by physical clashes between some South fans and members of the Frankston Pines Australian rules club.

Match Reports Edit South finish season with win

South of the Border: Free at last! Free at last! Praise Science, we are free at last!

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