Round 23, 2008

South Melbourne 1 (Sebastian Petrovic 85) def. Altona Magic 0

Sunday, 3 August

Venue: Bob Jane Stadium, Albert Park

Attendance: 600 (est).

Referee: Senko Rastocic.

Lineups Edit

South Melbourne: Dean Anastasiadis, Adam Van Dommele, Steven O'Dor, Scott MacNicol, Sebastian Petrovic, Gianni De Nittis (Adem Tavsancioglu 87), Goran Zoric, Ramazan Tavsancioglu, Fernando De Moraes (Francesco Stella 92+), Nathan Caldwell (Hamlet Armenian 19), Robert Wynne. Coach: Michael Michalakopoulos.

Altona Magic: Nikola Roganovic, Steve Laurie, Doug Mladenovic, Carl Recchia (Ryan Baldacchino 81), Michael Curcija (Agim Sherifovski 73), Pece Siveski, Todd McSorley, Pece Cergovski, Phillip Riccobene, Esala Masi, Nick Kalmar. Coach: Vlado Tortevski.

Milestones Edit

Debuts: Francesco Stella

Summary Edit

In the lead up to this game, Dean Anastasiadis had announced that he would be retiring at the end of the season, and thus he was given the start ahead of Tommi Tomich in goals. Despite the lopsided ladder positions, South did most of the attacking in this game, which was ultimately decided by Seb Petrovic's late bundled goal from a corner. While it was a welcome late season win for South, Altona Magic would eventually go on to win the grand final against Melbourne Knights.

Match reports Edit South get much needed win

South of the Border : A small win, but an effective win

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