Heartbreak Kid Alex Dimitriadis and Con Boutsianis

Framed photo of Alex Dimitriades with Con Boutsianis, signed by Dimitriades. The dedication reads: "To all the players and members of 'Hellas', thanks for all the help and support! Special thanks to Barry and of course, the Disco King himself, Con Boutsianis! Thanks once again, and good luck this season. From a friend. Alex D.'

The Heartbreak Kid was a play by Richard Barrett, later turned into a film starring Alex Dimitriades and Claudia Karvan. While the play was set in Sydney and included references to Sydney Olympic, the film was set in Melbourne, and included several references to South Melbourne Hellas along with several scenes shot at Middle Park.

Con Boutsianis was credited as the stunt double for Dimitriades during some soccer action scenes. Ben Hudson however has noted that

"the producers wanted to hire Francis Awaritefe as a soccer consultant, but when they saw how poor Alex was as a player they decided the consultant also needed to be a body double - at which point they switched to Con Boutsianis because Francis couldn't manage it for some reason..."[1]

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