The St Kilda Cricket Ground, often referred to as the Junction Oval, was the home of the St Kilda Football Club (until 1964) and the St Kilda Cricket Club. The venue also sporadically hosted soccer matches in the 1950s and the late 1960s, the latter when several Victorian State League clubs used the venue as a home ground. South Melbourne Hellas played a handful of Victorian State League matches at the venue between 1967-69[1][2][3], all as the away side.

Jill Barnard and Jenny Keating, in People's Playground (their book on the history of the Albert Park precinct), note that South Melbourne Hellas was offered the use of the Junction Oval at an unspecified date in the early 1980s, but that after inspecting the venue, Hellas refused the offer.[4]


Season by season record Edit

Season Competition Round Opponent Result
1967 Victorian State League 17 Melbourne Hungaria 1-5
1968 Victorian State League 3 Juventus 2-2
1968 Victorian State League 7 Footscray JUST 4-0
1968 Victorian State League 9 Melbourne Hungaria 1-1
1969 Victorian State League 3 George Cross 4-2
1969 Victorian State League 7 Melbourne Hungaria 1-0

Win/draw/loss record Edit

Played Wins Draws Losses
Victorian State League 6 3 2 1
Total 6 3 2 1

Record by opponent Edit

Footscray JUST Edit

Played Wins Draws Losses
1 1 0 0

Juventus Edit

Played Wins Draws Losses
1 0 1 0

Melbourne Hungaria Edit

Played Wins Draws Losses
3 1 1 1

(Sunshine) George Cross Edit

Played Wins Draws Losses
1 1 0 0

References Edit

  4. Barnard, Jill and Keating, Jenny, 1996, People's Playground, Chandos, Richmond, Victoria, p180