Welcome to the South Melbourne Hellas WikiEdit

This is an unofficial wiki for all things South Melbourne Hellas also known as South Melbourne FC, South Melbourne Lakers, South Melbourne Soccer Club and South Melbourne Gunners. All Hellas fans and non-Hellas fans alike are welcome to contribute to this project. In turn, I hope it eventually inspires supporters of other clubs to begin their own projects.

At the moment, this project hasn't been officially launched or publicised in any way, but if you've found your way here, by all means do spread the word. While I will be getting around to that eventually, at the moment I'm just trying to figure out how the main templates are going to look for the different types of articles, and thus the kinds of articles that will be popping up may be a little erratic and/or tailored to particular eras, especially more recent times

What we hope to achieveEdit

Short term goals Edit

  • Get the site up and running.
  • Create pages for most of the different types of pages we'd like to have here, with reasonably consistent templates
  • Begin publicising the project by the end of the 2015 season.

Medium term goals Edit

  • Make the site good: reliable stats, decent bios on players, coaches and committee members, venues, opponents etc.
  • Get someone who can make the site look better than it does now. I am not a graphic designer, and my emphasis has always been content > style. However, if we can get someone to make it look better, than why not?
  • Tentatively branch out into South Melbourne United, Hellenic, Yarra Park, Women's and every stray bit of history that we can.

Long term goals Edit

  • Build a community around the site
  • Work with other South Melbourne and Australian soccer historians to use their materials.
  • Begin to integrate back end systems that can automate record collection

Latest activityEdit

Grand final champions