South Melbourne Hellas was the result of the amalgamation of the newly formed Hellas - itself a merger of Hellenic and Yarra Park - and South Melbourne United. While the merger of Hellas and South Melbourne United likely happened in early 1960, South Melbourne Hellas officially cites its establishment year as 1959, while also considering the club to have been formed by three entities - Hellenic, Yarra Park and South Melbourne United - as opposed to one between Hellas and South Melbourne United.

Season by season record Edit

Season League Pos P W D L F A Pts Dockerty Cup Australia Cup NSL Cup FFA Cup
1960 Victorian Metropolitan League Division One North 1 18 17 1 0 79 11 35 Semi final - - -
1961 Victorian State League 5 22 10 5 7 45 38 25 5th round - - -
1962 Victorian State League 1 22 15 2 5 51 21 32 Group stage 1st round - -

Club records Edit

Player records Edit

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