These guidelines, like the wiki itself, are a constant work in progress.

General guidelines Edit

  • Neutrality is important. While the work will be seen primarily through a South Melbourne Hellas prism, it is important to be fair when discussing players and teams from outside South.
  • South's achievements are plentiful and to a large extent self-evident - there's no reason overcook them. In other words, the writing tone we're looking for is measured and calm.
  • The same care you would take with regards to defamatory comments in the 'real' world also applies here.
  • Try and find references for any details you add. It both adds a measure of credibility to the project, while also helping people conduct further research.
  • Don't forget to add (and in some cases, remove) as many categories as necessary.

Player pages Edit

  • The easiest way to make these conform to the general style of the wiki is to copy and paste from an already established article.
  • If you are confident with working with source code, go for it! If not, don't stress - create the article, and someone else will come in and clean it up.
  • Where photos are added to player pages, they preferably should conform to general fair use conventions. They should also, where possible, show the player at the time they were at South.
  • After creating a player page, don't forget to update the games played and goals scored pages.

Match pages Edit

  • Any and all senior men's and senior women's competition matches to be written about.
  • Friendlies (where notable) may have articles, but their qualification for statistical purposes must show them to have been played as a proper match, not as some pre-season warm up kick about with a bunch of triallists and 11 subs.
  • On that matter, for the time being the Hellenic Cup, the Tynan Eyre Cup and other similar pre-season tournaments will not be included yet in the official statistical data.
  • The Ampol Cup will be an exception to that rule.

Venues Edit

  • For the time being, while I'm happy of course to have articles crated for all venues South has ever played at, we should only be looking to do stats for venues with limited amount of matches having being played there. Otherwise it's likely to get unwieldy.
  • Be careful when collating stats for some NSL venues, as the data on OzFootball may not be correct. I'll need to get some feedback from Les Street as to where the errors are there in the database.

Templates Edit

  • These are another perpetual work in progress. Currently the player pages have in boxes, but as yet I have made no decision as to what to do with match, venue and senior pages, as what works for other wikis may not work for this project.