Statewide Knockout Cup[1], round 4

South Melbourne vs Oakleigh Cannons - match awarded to South Melbourne in a forfeit.[2]

Saturday 4 May

VenueLakeside Stadium

Attendance: not applicable

Referee: not applicable

Lineups and coaches Edit

South Melbourne: not applicable

Oakleigh Cannons: not applicable

Summary Edit

Round 4 of the 2013 Dockerty Cup fell on what was Orthodox Easter, with South Melbourne choosing to play the game on a Saturday evening (5:30 kickoff), in conjunction with a family day event. Oakleigh had asked for the game to be moved on religious grounds[3], but South refused, and Oakleigh decided to forfeit the contest.[4]

  1. While the competition did not use the Dockerty Cup name, it did award the Dockerty Cup as the prize for the winning team.

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